Digital Multimeter Auto Range 5505

A digital multimeter, or DMM, can be extremely helpful when trying to resolve an electrical problem. DMM’s are used all the time in the automotive industry, construction, machine repair, the computer industry, and any other field that involves any sort of electrical work. When purchasing a digital multimeter, the most important specification to look for is its operating resistance, also called impedance.

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• AC/DC Clamp-Meter
• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
• Anemometer
• Infrared Thermometer
• Multi-Stem Thermometer
• Sound Level Meter
• Thermohygro Meter
• Temperature Gauge
• Wood/Moisture Meter
• Power Supply
• Distance Meter
• Signal Generator
• Micro Ohm Meter
• Alcohol Meter
• ELCB Tester
• Soldering Station